Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Doesn’t your God say in Scripture “..Judge not” You are going to HELL for judging me! who are you to Judge me?

Response: Yes the living God dislikes anyone trying to sit in his position of judgment.. I fear the Living GOD more then you know.. and I don’t think I am any better then any of you hellbounds.. I am very frightened of HELL.. everyone should be.. it is very REAL.. However I am by no means judging you.. I am a simple reminder of what scripture says about your fate.. The Bible says what it says.. and if you are listed as a Hellbound in the Bible I will tell you.. I did not write it.. so I am not judging you..

The one who is responsible for the Bible is the Living God so his word has already judged you.. if you have a problem with his word then when you get your PIT in HELL maybe if you scream your complaint loud enough he might hear you.. You are still in the flesh which means you can change your Hellbound status.. The second you die is when it becomes too late.. God wanted this website to be the way it is.. I know finding out you’re going to HELL is disturbing.. I was a major Hellbound not too long ago also.. but GOD let me see the spirit world and it changed me rapidly.. I do my best to walk a narrow path and nuked my past life for LIFE which is Gods Kingdom.. HELL is real! I am sorry.. This website is a warning to all.. God is disturbed with your behavior.. His Judgment will be coming to Earth.. The Angel of Death will be loosed very soon.. correct yourself before it is too late.. Fear GOD and save yourself from the PIT.

Did Jesus SIN for using the written word of GOD against SATAN?.. Satan didn’t say ..well you’re going to hell now Jesus because you just sinned and spoke the words of the Father against me..

It would BE a SIN to remain silent and not tell you GODS word already says you are gong to burn in HELL.. There’s no esacpe clause here saying you may not burn in HELL! The only hope you have is to Repent..

You Idle Christians out there better start bearing some fruit! “..dried up branches will be cut from the vine”. The fruitless Fig Tree was useless to Jesus.. He destroyed it!

If you feel timid about telling someone they are going to HELL.. then say it like this if it makes you feel better…

“ is written that you are going to HELL!”

You might just save a soul from a Furnace of Fire.. God will not be mad at you..

Question: What’s wrong with all the links.. why are they not ready? I click on them and nothing happens.

Response: They are not done yet.. for now there is enough information on the main page to keep you out of HELL.. The other links will be complete soon.. tune back in soon and see if you are HELLBOUND!

You are stupid it’s “You’re” going to Hell not “Your”.. you are dumb!..

Response: I am pretty stupid but in this case “You’re” will not work with internic for our domain name.. so “your” was accepted.. as long as you get the message..

Question: “Why are you so radical.. God loves everyone and I am not going to HELL.. He would not send me to HELL because I am nice.. as long as I don’t hurt anyone I will be fine..”

Response: We are not radical.. HELL is radical.. this site is an attempt to kick start your brain.. Hell is very real.. God loves you and does not want you to send yourself to HELL.. you have a chance to change your hellbound status.. This is site is a a very real warning.. If you have your own view on how you are not going to HELL.. like thinking that you’re too nice.. Nice falls short of completely obeying the Living GODS covenant.. You must obey his law completely! and that’s the bottom line.. The Bible does not say if you were a nice pagan you will be saved from HELLFIRE..

Question: “There is no HELL.. you are wrong.. Scriptures are speaking of “the grave”.. “death”..”

Response: That’s what Satan would want you to believe.. Lucifer is not stupid.. he is the master at selling people on things.. He sold you if you think that HELL does not exist! Imagine your surprise when you wake up in a PIT and you find out he tricked you.. The only reason you want to believe there is no HELL is so you can continue to sin.. I was a major sinner and liked being evil.. but when GOD saved me from death and a PIT I changed real quick.. I deleted sin from my life since Satan used it as legal ground against me.. Sin is exactly what Satan needs to win your soul.. deep down inside your inner spirit senses that HELL is very real.. you can feel a warning inside your body.. listen to your spirit.. Jesus was very clear when he spoke of HELL as a place of everlasting punishment..

Rev 20:15 Jesus says: “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the LAKE OF FIRE.”

Lake Of Fire falls short of sounding like “the grave”…

Question: “Why are you wasting your time?.. Nobody cares.. The goddess is the true god..”

Response: God cares.. this site is a direct warning… If you do not change your Hellbound worship and acts.. you will be injected into HELL.. That’s the bottom line.. Your goddess cannot save you from HELL.. You will be seeing the power of the Living GOD very soon as judgment.. He is worthy to be praised.. I fear the Living GOD.. Remember GOD had to kill Pharaohs baby to get him to submit.. Pharaoh worshipped Horus.. Pharaoh pleaded with HORUS to bring his son back to life.. His attempts yielded nothing.. HORUS failed Pharaoh.. Just like todays pagans will find out the hard way like Pharaoh did.. The Living GOD is the ALMIGHTY!

Question: “I don’t care if I am going to HELL!.. I will be fine.. worry about yourself!”

Response: I do worry about myself.. I am frightened of HELL.. Your statement saying you don’t care is if you are going to HELL is foolish.. You say that now.. but when you finally get to your PIT and start screaming and weeping you will think differently.. Hell will be an unstoppable nightmare of unexplainable pain..